NASA ISS From Earth nasa live stream earth from space live international Earth NASA From ISS

NASA ISS From Earth nasa live stream earth from space live international Earth NASA From ISS

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A little interesting about space life.

When Apollo 11 landed on the Moon in 1969, we were presented with our first human contact with the moon. The mission was able to accomplish the task of not only landing on the Moon, but also to return to the Earth with samples from the Moon. These samples along with subsequent presented us with answers regarding the composition of the Moon, which also gave us some basic facts that any theory about how the moon was created must answer/address. We learned:The Moon does not contain an iron core like our Earth does, due to the fact that the Moon's density is only 3.34 grams per cubic centimeter (compared to the Earth's which is 5.52 grams per cubic centimeter).Samples collected from the surface of the Moon reveal that it underwent extreme heat and baking, much more than what the Earth experienced.

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However, the truth is, during their entire voyage to the Moon and back to Earth, Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins only received amount of radiation equal to about 0.1% of the deadly dose. Their total exposure was approximately 11 milisieverts, and radiation dose lethal to an average human being is aroung 8,000 millisieverts.

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"We've found a likely solution to the long-standing problem of how Triton arrived in its peculiar orbit. In addition, this mechanism introduces a new pathway for the capture of satellites by planets that may be relevant to other objects in the Solar System," explained Dr. Craig Agnor, a researcher from the University of California, Santa Cruz, in the May 10, 2006 issue of Time Magazine.

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The Burmese month of Kason (April/May), the second month of the Burmese year, has arrived and 'Kason la pyei', the Full-moon of Kason marks an important date for Burmese people, in general, and Burmese Buddhists, in particular. It is a month of commemoration and anticipation. Why this is so you will learn while reading this article.

Moons are natural satellites that circle around another body that, in turn, circles around its parent-star. The moon is held in place by both its own gravity and the gravitational pull of its planet. Some planets have moons, while others do not. Several asteroids are known to be circled by very small moons, and some dwarf planets--such as Pluto--also have moons. One of Pluto's quintet of moons, Charon, is about half the size of Pluto itself. Some planetary scientists propose that Charon is really a large chunk of Pluto that was torn off in a catastrophic collision with another wandering world long ago. Because Charon is almost 50% the size of Pluto, the two tiny icy bodies are sometimes considered to be a double-planet.

Mars may be circled by many moons smaller than 160 to 330 feet in diameter, and a ring of dust has been predicted to circle Mars between Phobos and Deimos.