Nibiru Brown Dwarf brown dwarf star planet x nibiru youtube Dwarf Brown Nibiru

Nibiru Brown Dwarf brown dwarf star planet x nibiru youtube Dwarf Brown Nibiru

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A little interesting about space life.

In July 2017, a team of astronomers announced that they had used satellite data to find--for the first time--signs of widespread water hidden beneath ancient volcanic material on Earth's Moon. The scientists' discovery suggests that the interior of our Moon holds large quantities of indigenous water. This plentiful, but well-hidden water, reveals its secret presence in numerous volcanic deposits, that had been explosively distributed across our Moon's surface when ancient lunar volcanoes erupted. These primordial deposits contain unusually large amounts of imprisoned water compared with nearby terrains. The detection of water within these lunar deposits, is believed to be made up of glass beads that formed as a result of the explosive fiery eruption of magma, hurled out from deep within our Moon. This finding supports the theory that the lunar mantle is surprisingly soggy.

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However, the new findings also mean that scientists must come up with other explanations for why Earth's Moon is depleted of potassium, sodium, and other volatile elements. Additional explanations for this exist. One possible alternative explanation is that the volatile elements contained within the disk showered down onto the proto-Earth instead of escaping, or being part of lunar formation. Another explanation is that these volatile elements were part of our Moon when it first accreted from the post-collision disk but were later lost.

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In order to do precisely that, Dr. Li and Dr. Milliken used laboratory-based measurements of samples returned from the Apollo missions, combined with a detailed temperature profile of the areas of interest on the lunar surface. Using the new thermal correction, the two astronomers studied the data derived from the Moon Mineralogy Mapper, which is an imaging spectrometer that was carried aboard India's Chandrayaan-1 lunar orbiter.

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The new study was published in the April 3, 2014 issue of the journal Nature, and it may provide a solution to a long-standing mystery of lunar origins pertaining to why Earth and its lovely companion appear to sport virtually identical compositions.

A moon is an enchanting thing! There are more than 100 lovely moons circling the eight major planets in our Solar System, alone--including our own beloved Moon--the brightest and largest gleaming object suspended in the brilliantly starry night sky above the Earth. But how did the moons of our Solar System come into being?

The Apollo 11's lunar module, Eagle, landed on the surface of the moon on the 20th of July, 1969. It landed at approximately 20:17:40 UTC. An interesting fact is that the Eagle had barely enough fuel left for 25 seconds more, as the two men had encountered some difficulties during landing due to their training at NASA. Things were quite a bit different in reality and the several alarms that were going off certainly didn't help to calm the already likely nerve-wracking maneuver.